Hello and welcome to our Terrapin Crusaders blog. We began this blog as a means to help educate and share our journey and conservation efforts of the Northern Diamondback Terrapin turtle. These creatures are unique and amazing and in need of our help.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Did you know...

Did you know that turtles can get sick like we get a cold. well we did not until one of our little head start terrapins got sick. First there was a lot of eye scratching then trouble eating and lots of sunning on the rock. Turned out a sulfa bath was needed and some extra care. We had to bring him back to MATES to get the care needed. Little did we realize this would be catchy before we knew it another was sick and had to also go back to MATES for treatment. We are awaiting their return. The other 3 are doing well although biting and trying to eat the smaller of the 3.